Em@il Update
Em@il Alerts (Em@il UpDates)

Waiting for that one important email but can't stay at your computer all day? With Em@il Alerts you'll receive an SMS message on your mobile phone when email arrives in your OptusNet mailbox.

You'll always be in touch, even when you're away from your computer or travelling. Friends and family without mobile phones can use email to send short messages to your mobile with Em@il Alerts.

Choose the alerts you want to receive

You can apply filters to only receive SMS alerts for emails that match the conditions you specify. This include the message subject, who it's from and keywords in the message.

When you activate Em@il Alerts, you'll also receive a dedicated email address, yourmobilenumber@optusmobile.com.au (eg. 0421999000@optusmobile.com.au). Messages sent to this address will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS.

Em@il Alerts is available to all Optus Mobile Digital and OptusNet members. Each Em@il Alerts message of 160 characters sent costs 25 cents including GST. There is no monthly access fee.

Em@il Alerts may now be sent as SMS or MMS (with MMS you receive a lot more of the email - up to 100k). The cost to receive an Em@il Alert via MMS is 75 cents per message including GST.

Easy activation

To activate or change your Em@il Alerts service please login below with the username and password you use to dial into OptusNet, then click Log In.

If you are an existing user and would like to turn Em@il Alerts off all you have to do is login below and turn Mail Forwarding OFF.